Flash Products

The History

Today, OEC (the brand under which our fiberglass products are sold) is a market leader not only thanks to the quality of the products we manufacture, but also for the accuracy of their design and to the raw materials used.

For over 90 years, OEC products have been following the evolution of electricity.
We are very glad to think that most Italians can state that electric power gets to their households by means of an OEC component.

In 1922, the year in which the company was founded, the insulating products mostly used in the production of electric material were wooden and slate.

As the years went by, this role was played first by marble, then Bakelite and finally ceramics. In the 1970's, a revolution started which has extended into our own days and that is greatly represented by OEC: the choice of using SMC, a reinforced polyester resin with fiberglass that not only guarantees electric insulation but also has mechanic resistance and is highly resistant to weather agents.


From that moment on, technology has developed by constantly improving the design and quality of raw materials.