Flash Products


A century-old company in constant renewal to remain at the avant-garde with current times and with the market. A leader in the production of components for the distribution of low-voltage power, present in the market for over a century and part of the NTET Group for twenty years.

The current OEC Srl, formerly “Officina Elettrotecnica Comense SpA”, was founded in 1922 and was recently moved to Garbagnate Milanese; it became a part of the NTET Group in 1996. The company manufactures products used in distribution networks for low-voltage electric power.


One of the first Italian companies to use reinforced fiberglass polyester resins in the production  for the moulding of electric devices and fittings destined to electric cabins and power distribution, OEC has improved its specialization over the years, always placing the quality of its products as a prerogative to the production that puts OEC in a relevant position in the national scenario.