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The Group

The NTET Group (www.ntetgroup.com) was born thanks to the determination and vision of an entrepreneur who, starting from the TPR brand, a manufacturer of light and power poles in fiberglass, started a procedure which led to the development of other sectors, such as the production of power components (e.g. road cabinets, multi-purpose containers, branching boxes, components for the automobile industry, with clients such as Fiat and Ferrari).

Over the years, production has taken place in Catania, Sicily, as well as in the other facilities in Garbagnate Milanese, Parma and Turin. The brands that belong to the group are NTET, OEC, OPTOTEC and TPR.

The group is characterized by the variety of production systems which treat fiberglass in different manners, the most relevant being poltrusion, thermoplastic systems and thermosetting systems. The first case is a reversible system; the second, an irreversible system in which compression can also be used.


It is the type of raw material that makes the difference and makes our product so attractive to the market.In fact, fiberglass not only ensures safety and high reliability, but it is also not altered by atmospheric agents, offers excellent esthetic solutions and has good environmental impact.