Flash Products

Who we are

Thanks to the idea of property diversification, several years ago the Group kicked off a new successful challenge whose main scope is that of providing the market with high-quality products that allow for power distribution in absolute safety and at competitive costs.


These products are sold under one of the group's top-notch brands, OEC, and over the years they have reached their final users through the channels of electric material distributors.

The most important aim is that of becoming a reference for the main purchase groups, such as Elex, Findea and Fegime.


The company is represented by a dense network of agents in every corner of the Italian peninsula, and is known not only for its ability to communicate with users through direct actions that reach the people involved in a direct manner, but also for the use of simple concepts aimed at product quality, safety and prices.


Thanks to the production capacity of OEC and the entire NTET group, with its branches distributed all over Italy, the company's scale economy make its prices competitive at all levels and for all products.



  • Enel
  • Local government companies (such as A2A, ACEA, AEM, HERA)
  • Purchase groups (Anse 2000, Elex, Fegime, Findea, Gewa, M.C. Elettrici, Rexel, Sonepar, Star 3).
  • Public and private administration
  • Traffic lights manufacturers
  • Electric cabinets manufacturers
  • Electric devices manufacturers